Editor’s Desk Nov 2008

Often, when what I’ve read about some piece  of software that makes it seem like a “must-have”, I wonder what others think of it—especially the negative aspects. My usual sources for software reviews are Snapfiles.com, download.com, and lifehacker.com. Continue reading

Editor’s Desk Apr 2008

Maybe more than you want to know about batteries. This blog entry about batteries showed up as a link on one of the other blogs I visit regularly— http://tinyurl.com/3bys9r . It seems well-written and has links to other sites.

I was introduced to the Tiny URL concept a while ago when I received one in an email from a former co-worker, and have been using them, gratefully, ever since. Go to TinyURL.com for more info. One nice feature is that you can add a TinyURL button to your browser’s toolbar, so you can easily generate them as needed. Continue reading