Year Ahead

Every time you turn around someone tells you this is the technology, the product that will make a seismic shift in the way companies and individuals interact with each other.  And when the end of year rolls around you find it’s something totally different.  There are a ton of tools that will be refined in 2016 but they will all connect in the cloud and the ability to do more, have more will rest in how well organizations and people come to grips with privacy, security, willingness to share.  It just keeps getting more interesting, more challenging, more fun! [Read more…]


For most of us in the business of business the year is over.  Now we have to prepare to attack 2016 with a vengance.  And it’s going to be bigger, better, different.  It’s changed so much that the CEA changed it’s name to CTA (Consumer Technology Association) but for the time being they stuck with CES (Consumer Electronics Show) but we’re sure Gary Shapiro has plans for 2017.  Of course the ground rules are the same…people go to show off goodies, hunt for customers, scrounge/beg for media coverage.  It’s a rotten time to be in the media because it’s the only time intelligent people are hounded to come by and “meet the boss.”  The many are offset by the few who actually reach out to you year-round to talk (and listen).  Shows are the time when you can really feel the love.  Other times…silence.  But 2016 will be different! [Read more…]

Wearing Targets

If you haven’t already got a couple of good wearables how do you know how healthy you are, know when folks are texting you while your smartphone is in your pocket, know when things change around you?  Ok they are on your Christmas list and you can’t wait to open them up and start showing them off.  And right behind them the industry has a scad more ready to make your eyes water with excitement.  Sure you know the apps are tracking and uploading everything you do but it’s important to keep track of everything and yes they have a few “flaws” but you know someone is taking care of them so it’s all good.  Except when it isn’t! [Read more…]

Tradeshow Whys

They’re probably the biggest chunk of your marketing budget but trade shows get little attention beyond does the booth look good and do we have enough give-aways. Oh and for show newbies…where are the free parties. Little attention is given to determining if the event appeals to the right audience. More importantly how do you get just the right people to your booth. Most important how do you measure (quantify) success from the event. Finance already wonders why you spent so much for the event. Life’s a lot easier if you can show them (and your boss) how you met marketing’s objectives and your ROI. [Read more…]

Getting Accepted

If you’re like most of us in the industry you’re putting the finishing touch on your marketing plan and strategy.  You’re busy over the holiday period developing insanely great ads concepts on fantastic products.  Problem is all of most of those ads will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. They’re all about the product and its features rather than being about what the consumer wants/needs.  People are attracted to a product because of how it will meet their needs rather than how amazing it is compared to anything out there.  You would think that with all the Big Data out there that is collected companies would have a better picture of who their customer is, what he/she does and wants to do.  Of course marketing doesn’t have to listen.  The customer does have options. [Read more…]