The Filmmakers New Art Form

While it is commonplace for gamers to immerse themselves in VR/AR/MR activities, it is quite a different challenge for the television/motion picture industry to profitably use it for widespread entertainment distribution.  There is still a lot for the technicians and academics to learn about how the technologies affect the individual.  In addition today’s goggles are just beginning steps for large numbers of people to take advantage of the productions.  The M&E industry is working aggressively to deliver the next barn burner but with the new technology that may be years away. [Read more…]


We all know the best marketing/sales tool availabale is one person telling another when he/she has had a great experience with a product or service.  You’ve often heard company people say that if they had a few thousand more people telling other people how great they were sales would soar, so would profits.  The biggest problem most organizations are so busy telling everyone how good they are they overlook the effective part of the sales process…listening.  Then make it easy for them tell others who want to listen. [Read more…]

Poor Teens

With so many sources, resources and stuff available to adults we often how we’re able to accomplish anything in a single hour, day, week.  For teens it’s even worse.  Everything has been instant since they were born.  They never knew a time before the Internet, web, social media and streaming content – often all at the same time.  Being constantly barraged it’s somewhat easy to understand when a moment or two of silence sneaks in.  Being alone with yourself is a tough job…especially for a teenager. [Read more…]

New Flight

Drones are in the news at least once a week for all the wrong reasons
– someone dropped one in the wrong place, flew it in the wrong area or just messed up while showing off.  That reflects poorly on all of the really legitimate uses people have for them.  Almost every application is image capture oriented whether it’s for a breathtaking shot for a film, covering the news quickly/economically, rescuing people in tough spots or monitoring environmental changes. The challenge is to keep professional applications from being hamstrung by legal restrictions brought on by random acts of stupidity. [Read more…]

World of Equals

The Emmys gave me hope that equality for men/women was finally coming to the M&E industry and the end was in sight.  Then Sandburg’s Lean In organization and McKinsey Company issued a report saying it wouldn’t be achieved for another 100 years.  That bummed me because we have to quit counting skirts, color, relationship preferences sooner rather than later.  Most people want it all done now but we can’t change the world overnight.  Maybe if each of us make one positive progressive step we can do it before another century passes.  Complaining and wishing certainly hasn’t make it happen. Together we can accelerate the process. [Read more…]