414FMS (Flash Memory Summit) is always an interesting event.  What’s not to like lots of discussion about chip-based storage (flash) and SSD (Solid State Drives).  The stuff is fast, it’s rugged, it hardly ever really dies on you, doesn’t use much power so your battery lasts longer and according to the guys (there still mostly guys) who crowd the sessions they are going to take over the world.  Of course there’s a little problem or two.  For the ordinary guy or gal or even the IT (information technology) department.  It’s still more expensive than spinning disks and if everyone bought as much as they wanted/needed there wouldn’t enough to go around.  We need a lot more production capacity and that costs time and money…lots of time, lots of money.  There’s always next year and it will be good! [Read more…]

IoT Journey

413IFA unveiled a world of connected devices.  Autos are getting more automated and more frequently hacked.  Who knows they may start striking back.  But most of the connected stuff you don’t even know is connected or sending information somewhere to be used by someone to know more about you than you know about yourself.  But it’s all for you to make life easier.  Is that possible?  You’re so much better off than your folks and your kids are light years ahead of you.  The connected world can deliver a lot of good and there will be issues along the way.  Just be a little selective and understanding.  It’s a journey…not a race. [Read more…]

JIT Selling

412You may have heard that people love the Web and social media – hey 2M people on Facebook in a single day isn’t shabby!  All of that data that is being grabbed is being put to good use because now systems can automatically deliver just the ad you want even before you want it.  If you ignore the ad or the automated effort to close the sale the thing will send you a new, better offer.  Company management think it’s so cool.  It’s working so smoothly it’ll soon wipe out a need for marketing and ad people and you’ll have to end up talking to what the programmers developed.  You’re going to miss us…trust me!  [Read more…]

Soft Facts

411If it weren’t for almost ready software and firmware and people who couldn’t be bothered constantly downloading updates and patches hackers (the bad ones) would have to go out and get an honest job.  But since the stuff your devices run on and with has “issues” and you aren’t up to plugging the holes with the stuff software people tried to give you…life is good.  Of course putting all your stuff on everyone’s social media site and putting everything in the cloud to let someone else manage/protect for you doesn’t work too well either.  But then you’ll get used to it and simply say, “What Me Worry?”  [Read more…]


410Wearables are coming in every shape and application.  You’ll be able to learn more about the world around you and yourself.  Special and general purpose devices, things are going to be so helpful, so imformative.  Just imagine what they will be able to learn about you- where you’re at, what you’re doing, what you want, what you need, what shape you’re not in and you won’t even have to lift a finger…unless you’re wearing a fitring. [Read more…]