Shockley’s Historic Semiconductor Laboratory Honored With Two IEEE Milestones

The info below is excerpted from this IEEE Institute article:

“For tech history buffs, 391 San Antonio Road in Mountain View, Calif., is a well-known address. The site was the home of Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, which played a pivotal role in launching Silicon Valley’s electronics industry. IEEE Fellow William B. Shockley, a Nobel Prize–winning physicist, opened the research lab in 1956.

Many of the chip industry’s founding fathers were researchers there. One was IEEE Life Fellow Gordon Moore, cofounder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel. Moore left Shockley’s lab in 1957 to cofound Fairchild, also in Mountain View, but it was at Shockley where he learned how to produce transistors for commercial sale.

It’s estimated that more than 400 electronics firms can trace their roots to the lab.”

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