Tech Expert Trolls “Tech Support” Scam Caller — For Two Hours!

This story is just too good to not share with you here.

“[Extremely knowledgable, experienced tech expert Sean Gallagher, currently an editor for tech site Ars Technica,] both knowing his stuff and also being in a position to write stories about it, decided to have a little fun with the scammer who called him on Monday, and kept him on the line for two hours while pretending to be an easy mark.”

“You can read the full saga, with more of the technical details — or just listen to the condensed 27-minute recording of the two-hour call — over at Ars Technica.”

Do take the time to read that Ars Technica article. It helps if you can imagine you’re watching it being performed at a SPAUG meeting.

January 11, 2017 Meeting

A New Millennium of WHOA!
Andy Marken

Andy Marken returns to SPAUG to review some of the new and exciting developments from CES 2017. To celebrate 50 years, CES® 2017 is poised to be bigger, bolder and more varied than ever before. With a record-breaking footprint of more than 2.6 million net square feet of exhibits, CES 2017 will feature new marketplaces, more than 850 first-time exhibitors, seven keynote addresses, expanded conference programming, additional SuperSessions and enhanced show floor services. With three main venue locations and more than 24 product categories showcasing the hottest tech trends, expect to experience a whole lot of “whoa-ments” at CES 2017.

andy100x150WebHeadAndy Marken is President of Marken Communications and has been involved in the marketing of storage technology for more than 25 years. His experience includes work with Panasonic, Verbatim, Matsushita, Plasmon, Nikon, Mitsubishi Chemical, OWC, NewerTech and a number of storage/solution manufacturers.
Andy can be reached at

The meeting will be held at the Palo Alto Elks Lodge, 4249 El Camino Real, Palo Alto. We will be meeting in the Library/Card Room across the hall from the Lodge Room. All members and guests are invited to attend an optional NO-host dinner prior to our general meeting. Dinner will be at 5:45 PM at The Bistro located on the ground floor of the Elks Lodge.

Move around your folders quickly with Folder Guide

When an apparently knowledgeable blogger has commented that some program is something Microsoft should have included or provided, I give it some serious thought. One such program is Folder Guide, which makes it considerably easier to jump to various places in my extensive system of folders.

This item originally appeared in the June 2008 Print Screen.

Although Folder Guide’s site doesn’t mention it, Folder Guide works in Windows 7 and Windows 10. It’s listed in the Windows 10 App Store.