WOW! Interesting videos showing Containership Technology

JeffHK makes videos about being the Third Mate aboard the OOCL Atlanta.

Take a tour of the 323-metre long ship or find out how to anchor it. Find out how containers are loaded, or what’s in a lifeboat. Take a 360° tour of the Bridge, or the Engine Room. Maybe now you want to join the maritime industry? Or maybe you don’t? Could you handle rough seas or a snowstorm? Would it be worth it just so you could crawl along the Duct Keel or sail through the Suez Canal? Do not miss this incredible 30-day timelapse.”

September 13, 2017 Meeting

Video Conferencing Using ZOOM™

As promised at the last meeting, this month we will delve into some of the details of using video conferencing for chat, meetings, webinars, etc. The program we have selected for this demonstration is ZOOM ( ).

For those who enjoy the schmooze, we will have our regular meeting, including coffee and cookies in the library of the Elks Lodge. And, of course, we will still have the no-host pre-meeting dinner st 5:30PM in the Bistro café on the first floor.

For those of you who have difficulties traveling or for whatever reason can’t join us at the Elks Lodge, the meeting will be broadcast as a live video conference using ZOOM software. To join the SPAUG meeting, use the following link:

NOTE: the link will work starting at 7:15PM with PC and Mac desktops, tablets, iPhones and Android smartphones. When you click on the link, if you don’t already have the ZOOM software on your device, it will download and install it for you and then you will be taken to the meeting.

One nice thing about ZOOM is that they provide tons of information on how to use their product.

Getting Started on a MAC or PC

How To Host a Meeting

How To Schedule A Meeting

How Do I Start Screen Sharing

How Do I Host a Video Meeting

Live Trainings:

You can sign up for the Meeting on-boarding training for free:

Or, you can watch a recorded version of the training any time: