Living Better with Technology

“Living Better with Technology” is the focus of this year’s Avenidas Tech Conference.

Attendees have the chance to Explore, Engage & Shape!

Following the three basic tenants of the Avenidas Generations Lab–Explore, Engage and Shape– the newest conference from Avenidas will offer tracks along those three lines:

  • Explore and get exposed to new technologies through talks and demos to increase awareness of new options;
  • Engage with tech through workshops and one-on-one trainings to learn how to use these technologies and acquire new skills;
  • Shape new products by participating in focus groups or pilot tests and contributing to the development of new tech products

Attendees will have a chance to hear a keynote speech by technology journalist and internet safety advocate Larry Magid, who serves as an on-air technology analyst for CBS News and has written columns for Huffington Post and the San Jose Mercury News.

From the “Explore” track, attendees might choose to attend a workshop such as “How Technology Can Help Support Independent Living.” From the “Engage” track, they might want to learn about “Keeping Up with the Grandkids,” and from the “Shape” track, they might want to sit in on an “Explorer’s Circle” and brainstorm for new products to improve the quality of life as we age.

Also included is a boxed lunch and the chance to meet with service providers, check out hands-on exhibits and enter to win door prizes. The day will conclude with a closing panel discussing “The Future of Technology & Aging.”

For more Information about each sessions, click here.

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