You’re Good

Communication people – like myself – like to think that everything we touch was designed just for us to pitch a story, an idea, a product for people to buy into (actually to buy).  Google’s and Facebook’s latest financials though showed they aren’t there to let people talk to each other, assist each other but they’re there to sell ad eyeballs.  Sorry guys but when I “visit you,” I’ve got a question or a problem and look to the global community, the company experts to get me past the problem I created or get some new, better information.  Sorry but your pitch (and mine) just get in the way of people learning, doing more.  In other words helping the customer.  Anything else you send along I’ll get around to when I get some free time.  Yep…it’s all about the customer! [Read more…]

More Instruments

PC sales are flat to down, tablet sales are off, smartphones are flat all except for Apple but since they aren’t having eye-popping growth all their sales don’t count.  But all of the devices look/act about the same so why buy new every time they decide they need some more profit?  We’re not abandoning them.  We’re just trying to figure out how to use 50 percent of what we bought them for then we’ll buy some more new things.  Right now I’ll just beef up what I’ve got and get to know it.  Don’t worry I’ll be back…soon. [Read more…]

Older Values

We know you’ve dug into the Big Data, done the analytics and have profiled the millenials you want to reach.  In your rush don’t forget that while they will eventually have money, boomers have money now.  And they’re not afraid to use it.  They buy for themselves and their kids’ rug rats who also want tech things and a whole lot more.   Ignoring them ignores the majority of your country’s largest group of folks with money today.  And every day there are more and more of them graduating to the new here and now generation.  Remember…follow the money! [Read more…]

Land Rush

You can be forgiven for missing the fact that CTA (Consumer Technology Association) changed its name just prior to CES and you might have missed the fact that there seemed to be a lot of companies and organizations promoting their visions of tommorrow for the Internet of Things, smart homes, smart cars, smart content and smart darn near everything.  There was a lot of “here’s what we want you to buy this year but here’s what you’re going to want five years from now.”  Sure it was confusing but it could be a peek of the changes CTA is making to help the industry help itself and help consumers buy products that actually work together as the technology world evolves.

Breakthrough technology is nice but technology you can buy and use is a lot more fun. [Read more…]

Seen, Unseen

You’d think now that we’re checking news, information, content on every device we use – and remember we average five – we’d have more “opportunities” to see more real good/great ads.  Sorry to disappoint you most of the ads are still the same…easily overlooked, forgotten.  For the right price you can put your ad anywhere it seems.  Now folks are getting creative and making the ads native – that’s ad talk for it looks like editorial.  Of course that doesn’t mean you’ll see it, recognize it, believe it but ad folks hope you will. [Read more…]