Childs Play

IoT is going to be big…huge even.  It’s important that you prepare your kids for the world they’ll inherit, be connected into.  You might as well start them out in a small, innocent way by getting them toys that connect and do more than just sit there waiting for him/her to play with them.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well it is because these are the formative years and they’re pretty open with what they share.  Of course the toy manufacturers are glad for that because it gives them more information to work with.  Oh yeah they use good enough security so they can keep the information for themselves but unfortunately it turns out good enough isn’t good enough protection when it’s your kid(s).  [Read more…]

Deadly Silence

The toughest thing for people to do today is to have a conversation.  You know meaningful conversation.  Sure you talk to people but every minute you glance at your smartphone.  Or you say uh huh, yes, yep and text someone.  You see people walking down the street with their head down reading emails, texts or wondering why someone hasn’t gotten back to you.  Or go out to dinner and watch the couple at the next table busy with their phones doing something, anything but acknowledging the person across the table.  We miss a lot by not putting the phone down and talking.  Too busy I guess. [Read more…]



There wasn’t a filmmaker at Sundance that hadn’t shot in 4K.  The stuff that got scooped up the quickest was done in HDR too.  The differences in films, shows, content is obvious.  And because it’s so good some of the best indie filmmakers are coming into their own…really shining.  The creative talent is outstanding.  The garbage is still…garbage.  It takes talent, expertise, experience.  You’re going to see the difference everywhere you turn and no matter what device you use to watch it on.  Nothing sucks you in more than a good story well told by a great storyteller. [Read more…]

You’re Good

Communication people – like myself – like to think that everything we touch was designed just for us to pitch a story, an idea, a product for people to buy into (actually to buy).  Google’s and Facebook’s latest financials though showed they aren’t there to let people talk to each other, assist each other but they’re there to sell ad eyeballs.  Sorry guys but when I “visit you,” I’ve got a question or a problem and look to the global community, the company experts to get me past the problem I created or get some new, better information.  Sorry but your pitch (and mine) just get in the way of people learning, doing more.  In other words helping the customer.  Anything else you send along I’ll get around to when I get some free time.  Yep…it’s all about the customer! [Read more…]

More Instruments

PC sales are flat to down, tablet sales are off, smartphones are flat all except for Apple but since they aren’t having eye-popping growth all their sales don’t count.  But all of the devices look/act about the same so why buy new every time they decide they need some more profit?  We’re not abandoning them.  We’re just trying to figure out how to use 50 percent of what we bought them for then we’ll buy some more new things.  Right now I’ll just beef up what I’ve got and get to know it.  Don’t worry I’ll be back…soon. [Read more…]