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  • The Lines of Code That Changed Everything
    To shed light on the software that has tilted the world on its axis, editors polled computer scientists, software developers, historians, policymakers, and journalists. They were asked to pick: Which pieces of code had a huge influence? Which ones warped our lives? About 75 responded with all sorts of ideas, and Slate has selected ...
  • Virtual CES 2021 – Part 3
    Consumer Hardware Needs Content Quantity, Variety Since the earliest CES, the OMG of the show has always been the screen … bigger, better, brighter, more immersive, more versatile, less expensive.  That’s a good thing because this year’s virtual event (and our locked at home lives) would have been terribly dull without the screen … and ...
  • File or Path Name Too Long? Find out before you do your backup
    Those of us who back up our devices sometimes get a message that some file couldn’t be backed up because its name — more likely its file path name — is too long. Lim Electronics‘ website offers a free, small, easy-to-use program called, appropriately enough, FindLongNames, that lets you check your Windows machine for ...
  • It Never Stops!
    You would think that after some time people would catch on and the scammers would find a new way to entice us. But NO! It seems that what goes around, comes around. Here are two examples I recently received. STAY ALERT! DON’T CLICK IF YOU DON’T KNOW An email from Bank of America warning me that my account ...
  • Happy Holidays
    No December General Meeting
    Happy Holidays
    No December General Meeting
  • August 10, 2016 Meeting
    We will demonstrate the upgrade of one of the club's HP laptop computers with an SSD drive and Windows 10.
  • Automatic Windows 10 Installations
    Microsoft's latest operating system will begin to automatically install on many home Windows 7 and 8.1 machines Read more...
  • Digital Devices, Cyber Security, and Privacy
    With the burgeoning use of digital devices we feel connected. We can share pictures, send messages, download apps, FaceTime, hangout on google, and what not. Along with all the good stuff comes the dangers of cyber security and concerns over privacy. With a click we can download a malware that sends all our logins, and ...
  • First Impressions of Windows 10
    I started experimenting with Windows 10 from day one when it was released.
  • Get Windows 10: Microsoft’s biggest software upgrade in history begins
    It's official: Beginning July 29, Microsoft will offer free Windows 10 upgrades to hundreds of millions of PCs.