Playing in the Sandbox

January 8, 2020 Meeting

Running Windows on a Linux OS
Bill Young

Running Linux on a Windows OS
Maurice Green

Virtual machines allow you to run an operating system in an app window on your desktop that behaves like a full, separate computer. You can use them play around with different operating systems, run software your main operating system can’t, and try out apps in a safe, sandboxed environment.

Bill and Maury will demonstrate using a virtual computer to run multiple operating systems at the same time. A virtual computer is a software computer that, like a physical computer, runs an operating system and applications. It is a software program that exhibits the behavior of a separate computer and can run applications in the separate computer. If you have Windows 7 programs that will not run on Windows 10, you could use a virtual computer to run a Windows 7 computer and the applications on a physical Windows 10 computer

As usual, the meeting will be held at the Palo Alto Elks Lodge, 4249 El Camino Real, Palo Alto and begins at 7PM. We will be meeting in the Conference Room on the second floor.

For those who enjoy the schmooze, we will have our usual no-host pre-meeting dinner at 5:30PM in the Bistro Café on the first floor of the lodge.

NOTE: This meeting will NOT be available online via ZOOM.

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