Maybe Too Big

409The industry is busy pushing all of the conveniences and benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) but the real benefit – to them – is the IoD potential.  IoD?  It’s the Internet of Data that is accumulated from all of your things so they can see what you’re doing and determine how to sell you more things to make your life even better.  All of the other data they capture is put somewhere because sometime they’ll be able to use it for something you really want…someday. [Read more…]

No Status Quo

408Want to introduce a new product, new idea?  Slap the word innovative on it.  Better yet have someone else proclaim it’s innovative.  But not everything that is designed, developed, introduced will be a huge innovation. There are hundreds of smaller innovations put out there every day and we don’t even notice them until we look back the way things were and how they are today.  There’s a lot of hype around new ideas during the early stages.  Then we get tired of them and say that wasn’t so much and then finally they creep into our daily lives.  Innovation is seldom a violent upheaval it just happens because of what came before and how successfully you connect the dots.

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Lovin’ Code

407Hackers used to be viewed as people who only lived in the shadows, did wierd stuff, at wierd times just to prove they could.  As we’ve become more reliant on our devices and the network of networks some have become more destructive while others have begun using their skills to protect governments, business and individuals.  The Black Hat conference and DefCon gave the good guys a chance to issue a scary wake up call to the world that our lives online are extremely vulnerable and that security has to be designed into software and apps at the very beginning rather being left as an afterthought or something we’ll work on…later. [Read more…]

TV Everywhere

truman1TV bundles, fixed time TV shows are for old folks.  If you’re a millenial you’ve probably shaved or cut your TV part of the cable.  If you’re a Gen X/Yer you probably never knew fixed time TV ever existed and probably didn’t have a cable to cut (that was so cathartic!).  Entertainment – anytime, anyplace, any device – is consuming 60 percent of our important Internet capacity.  Delivering all that video content are networks, stations, studios, Netflix, Amazon, independent filmmakers, YouTube/Facebook/other stars to people on their Internet connected smart 4K TVs, computers, tablets, smartphones.  If you can’t find something you want to, enjoy, need to watch you ain’t trying.  Or you’re too busy creating the stuff.  Or your battery just died on your iPhone. [Read more…]