In Stages

Every automotive and tech company is investing hundreds of millions in the autonomous car rushing as fast as they can to be the first to deliver the finished product.  There are some features we find attractive, others bothersome and a few WTF!  The one thing we don’t see is a lot of elegant design in the proposed solution.  That’s a minor issue.  The problem is the thousands of players aren’t working on the same problem, the total problem just their problem.  Our transportation – not just auto – infrastructure is in complete disrepair so even if you buy an autonomous car you may have no where to go.  But don’t worry that’s someone else’s problem.  Let “them” get their act together like the rest of us have. [Read more…]


Social media is the most popular publicity tool right behind the news release and email.  Publicists like to show how well they’re being followed, liked, believed.  Somehow they miss the point that it’s less about them and more about the customer and his/her relationship with the company, the brand, the product.  Increasingly social media is the place where people turn first when they have questions, problems or issues.  And they expect a response, not more publicity.  As hard as it is, it’s more important to listen, provide the information/assistance people want and then let them tell others about the great products, support and service they get from the company.  You know..people telling people, people helping people.
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To see all the news you’d swear to gawd that virtual reality entertainment will be here…shortly.  You probably missed the fact that: a) there are a “few” problems, “issues” to overcome and b) it costs a crap load of money to produce even a couple of minutes of immersive entertainment.  Well yeah but other than those minor details it will be coming to goggles about the time you’ll probably need bifocals and goggles.  Still you have to have something to look forward to after you’re tired of HDR 4K entertainment. [Read more…]

Moving Images

We know you think M&E is all fun and games and worse or better (depending on your perspective).  But there’s a real business with real technology and real people working to deliver the stuff you like/dislike, applaud/jeer, pay for/borrow/ignore.  The compact community of folks focus on the details so you can enjoy their creative work.  The champions of often opposing views gather annually at the SMPTE conference and give an update on the progress.  This year they had a Student Film Festival to get a peak at the next generation of filmmakers and tomorrow will be so bright you’ll need sunglasses. [Read more…]

Not So Free

Candy Crush’s user base may not be growing but that didn’t deter Activision Blizzard from buying King Digital for a dizzying $5.9B.  They figure they can breath new life into the freemium game that literally prints money and will soon deliver a ton of user information to the Call to Duty owner.  Male or female, young or old folks can’t resist the free game play siren song that delivers cash and saleable information about you…and you…and.  Hey, it’s only a harmless game…what could happen? [Read more…]