Was the Banksy shredding a fake?

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“But was all really as it seemed? Was this wanton act of self-destruction the ultimate expression of anarchy and a troll of epic proportions, or actually a calculated and cynical way of gaining publicity and increasing the value of his art?

Josh Gilbert, an artist and blacksmith from Chicago, has some serious doubts. Presenting his theory with impressive attention to detail, his arguments about something being fishy with the accepted version of events certainly carry some weight.”

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Sandblast Halftone Photo onto granite

“Sandcarving a half-tone photograph using SR3000 3mil photoresist film into granite. This video will cover application of the photomask on granite, sandcarving and then highlighting. Sandcarving photos into granite is used for memorial and remembrance stone / plaques.” Video: www.youtube.com.

The Commodore 64C that could

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A man finds a Commodore 64C left outside for a decade. Will it still work? (~13-minute YT video). I was given a Commodore 64C that had been left outside for a decade or more in rural Oregon. It dealt with everything mother nature could throw at it while it sat outside; rust, water damage, even an ant colony. Could this machine possibly still work?”