Consumers Put Robocall-Blocking Devices To The Test

“While we wait for phone companies to get around to offering services that help consumers block unwanted prerecorded robocalls, there are already several options available for people to use now, but not all of them may be up to the task.

For their [September 2015] issue, our colleagues at Consumer Reports asked volunteers to try out four different devices — and one online service — that are intended to minimize the number of annoying calls users receive.

Most of the options use at least one approach known as “whitelisting,” where the device allows calls from phone numbers it has been told are acceptable by the user. Some of them simultaneously use the blacklist approach that uses a database of known spam phone numbers to automatically block or redirect calls. Only one of the tested options uses blacklist-only for vetting calls.

Now to the testing results.”

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“And to add your voice to the chorus of consumers calling on phone companies to give us easier access to call-blocking technology, you can join in Consumers Union’s End Robocalls campaign.”

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