Content Isn’t Free

There’s a lot of hand wringing in the marketing community regarding ad blockers that have begun to appear – and be used.  It’s not a unique or new issue but with ad sales people and marketing organizations wanting to reach as many customers as possible the delivery of ads is becoming “a little aggressive.”  The issue though becomes not the volume but the quality of the ads and the amout of space they take up especially on smartphones.  In addition if you responded only to ads from people you know/trust rather than bots everyone would save money.  If you do that the marketers will promise to be more creative in the ads they produce and how frequently they are updated.  Then all we have to do is get the ad delivery services to reduce the volume of ads they throw at your screen.  Simple isn’t it?  Thought so.  Or be like me, enjoy the ads and the content you get for free.  Someone has to pay for it! [Read more…]

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