Digital displays using H2O

The Kanazawa Station Fountain Clock displays the time using controlled fountains of water. Located just outside the gate to the city’s train station, it’s more than just a clock – the valving that forms the clock’s numeric digits is also used to spell out text messages in both Japanese and English. See photos and video here:

More images:

Here’s a longer article about the clock:

This photo gives an idea of how the water jets form the characters.

And, in Osaka, a different technology is being used to create images using water. “The attraction, located in the South Gate Building of the new Osaka Station City complex, is a large rectangular water display created by local firm Koei Industry. The ‘Space Printer’ emits illuminated water droplets in carefully controlled patterns to reproduce images that are stored on a PC. Founded in 1987, Koei has produced entertainment fountains and landscape displays in various cities in Japan.”  Read more, and see a vid, at

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