It’s Delicate

You know it and I know it — there is inequality in business. If the business isn’t doing well one of the first things senior management will do is cut the workforce to save money. It’s called fiscal adjustment. Of course you seldom hear the boss say, “I’ll take a salary cut as will my senior staff first and we’re forgoing our annual bonuses.” If you earn $50 – $100K a year a 10 percent cut is felt in your household. According to a growing number of reports if you’re a female worker you’re already making less than your male counterpart so you feel it even more. If you rack up $5-$50M then a 10 percent cut is hardly felt. If we are going to have equality then we should have equality for all up and down the organization, in good times and bad. Only with the rare senior management team that respects the contributions of every member of the team does that happen. Pity is some are overpaid even if they only get a buck an hour! [Read more…]

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