‘Right to Repair’ Movement Fights Back Against Unfixable Devices

An interesting discussion on Michael Krasney’s Forum program.

” The “right to repair” movement is growing. A range of D.I.Y. groups offer classes and online instructions for how to fix everything from discarded clothing steamers to iPhones and Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators. But technology companies have resisted consumer efforts to repair increasingly software-dependent electronic goods, citing safety concerns. Advocates contend that even modern electronics can be repaired safely, with less waste and expense, if people have access to the proper tools. California Assemblymember Susan Talamentes-Eggman introduced a bill last year that would have forced companies to sell those tools, along with repair guides and replacement parts. The bill died in committee, but the push for a right to repair continues. ”

Hear it here: www.kqed.org/forum. Be sure to also read the comments.

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