This happens when you install a “Fix My PC” program

A friend called for help with his pc. One of his complaints was that he was dealing with some sort of “cleaner” program that somehow got onto his pc and claimed it could solve many of his problems. Looking at his machine remotely, I saw that the program was “TweakBit FixMyPC”, the very program that’s the subject of this Martin Brinkmann article on

“The following analyzes one program that promises to fix your PC highlighting what it does and how the developer generates revenue from it. Before I started the installation I checked the program on Virustotal to make sure it is clean (which it was). In case you are wondering, the program in question is called TweakBit FixMyPC.

He goes on to show some of the the scary-looking stuff this program reports about your pc.

And his verdict is:

“The Registry locations that FixMyPC scans have hardly — if at all — an impact on system stability or performance. Even free programs like CCleaner ship with more Registry cleaning features than this program and it is borderline insulting to ask users to pay money before the program fixes those issues. The program is not malicious on the other hand and does not include third-party adware offers in the installer (but a bundled first-party program).

All in all though it appears as if the program by itself won’t fix the majority of PC issues that users who are looking for help or guidance face.”

As of writing this post, the article has 11 comments. Read them.

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