Get Windows 10: Microsoft’s biggest software upgrade in history begins

It’s official: Beginning July 29, Microsoft will offer free Windows 10 upgrades to hundreds of millions of PCs.

Here’s how the Get Windows 10 (GWX) program works:

What was already an open secret has now been confirmed. Microsoft will launch Windows 10 on July 29. (Previously, Microsoft had only committed to “this summer” as a launch date.) That date begins a one-year window during which free upgrades will be available to anyone running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

The first phase of the long, slow rollout begins today, with the appearance of a small icon in the taskbar on eligible systems. Here’s what it looks like on a PC running Windows 8.1:


Clicking that link opens a six-screen advertisement, with a prominent “Reserve your free upgrade now” button. Clicking that button configures your PC to download and install the upgrade bits and adds the current device to the queue for Windows 10.

But what will actually happen when July 29 rolls around? That poses some interesting logistical questions for Microsoft.

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19 comments to “Get Windows 10: Microsoft’s biggest software upgrade in history begins”
  1. In the newsletter there was something about Windows 10. A free Windows 10 upgrade. I just started up Club laptop and saw the windows button down on the lower right corner to upgrade. I wonder if we should get a copy for the laptop, but wonder if it upgrades over the original Windows 7 copy or downloads to the desktop, then maybe we can dual boot it or put in a Virtual Box software to demonstrate to the club.


    • I have an update on what I said on this about Windows 10 and the windows button on lower right side. The HP laptops from the club have the button showing, but the custom built computers that I have with Windows 7 on it doesn’t have the button even though the updates and everything are there. Also John Sleeman is the same on his custom windows 7 machine, but the Dell laptop he recently bought shows it. I decided even though I am not going to install it at this time, that I would want a free copy anyway for the sake of something free. I searched the web about his subject and found a batch file and checked the registry for the required updates. It basically runs a script and gives you 3 different methods. Just select 1 from the menu and it runs a scan of the registry, then the button shows on the button of the screen. I reserved my copy. I have a copy of the file if anyone wants it. File is called win Just open this file and right click on it and click run in admin mode and run the script.

  2. I thought overnight, that everything said here is a good idea. Based on what Christie said to not install on club machines. I think the best solution is to let the other people out in public go ahead and install this on their computers in society and see what it does to their machines and software. I can make a bet that most people out there will see that little windows button down on the lower right hand corner and curious and see what it is by clicking on it. I saw it there, but did nothing. Most people out there treat computers like an appliance, such as a toaster, etc.

    We should not be the first to find out and screw up our machines whether the clubs laptops or your personal machines. Watch the news and internet and see what this does to their computers. We are smarter than that. We can always make a decision when ever to use Virtual Box. First let others other try the procedure that Stan mentioned in an article and see what it does and how it works. If it works well, than we can alway try in the future, but now is not the time.


    • I sent an email this morning about the subject of what my new opinion is of windows 10 install. Did anyone have a chance to read it?. Hearing Brads opinion would be interesting too?


    • Hi Dody and All,

      I have no strong feelings about doing the W10 installation. I’m going to try it on both my laptop and my desktop. But I’m going to go get a new usb backup drive for saving images (with Macrium Reflect) of my current W8.1 installations. Then I’m going to let Microsoft upgrade my machines directly. Should be an interesting experience…

      By the way, I rather like W8.1 when modified by a free program called “Classic Shell”. This permits me to boot directly to the desktop, and gives me the old W7 or XP menus. I even have “Start” on the lower left. I wonder what W10 will do with it? I rarely resort to W10’s regular TileWorld screen (but I occasionally must, for accessing certain functions).



  3. I would love to have at least 1 opinion of what I said this morning, besides no comment.
    I feel a little disappointed that is all I get, but there will be an answer at some point in the future.
    Brads opinion will be interesting to me or anyone else.
    On the Mac side I have installed new os’s over the old one with no adverse affect, aside from installing a new version of adobe premiere elements, but I personally don’t trust windows installs. I personally wouldn’t touch it with a 19 foot pole.


    • I am guessing the reason for no reply to Robert is that we all agreed that it makes sense. I am certainly not messing with Win10, now or maybe ever, depending on experience.

  4. ‘Morning,
    Much is said about Win 10 installation and possible installation troubles in the past on many new systems. Now recall WIN7 free support has ended….ie no more system updates & patches, only anti-virus updates until 2020.

    My spin on my computer….
    – reserve a Win10 download…..
    – download it about Aug 30 for a later installation (say 6 mo to observe the experiences of others/public)…
    – create a disk copy of WIN10 as an .iso file for install/reinstall as needed….
    – create a COMPLETE system backup on a separate hard drive to facilitate re-installation of existing WIN7 Operating System if needed……
    – Side Note: running any program in a Sandbox, let alone Win10, will be a task/challenge to be learned and IF my machine will even do it…..

    Having laid out my plan, I think SPAUG would/should follow this conservative approach

    • Ron, you took the words out of my mouth. I agree with your plan and observations.
      And I would not make ANY major changes to my computer without a full IMAGE backup like Acronis or Macrium.
      That’s what I did when I replaced the HDD in my laptop with an SSD.

    • Ron,

      1) What abou that icon for Windows 10 that we see in the lower left corner of the screen.
      Should we dutifully igore it for the time being. Is it something we can download to disk, that we can install later?

      2) HOW does one reserve a Win 10 download?

      Thanks for the info. More, please.

      – Dody

      • On 6/9/2015 5:26 PM, ag lee wrote:

        1) What abou that icon for Windows 10 that we see in the lower left corner of the screen.
        How to undisplay it could be a short demo at tonight’s (Wed 6/10/15) spaug mtg. The general instruction is —
        1. Open Control Panel
        2. Search for Notifications
        3. Click on one of the taskbar or system options.
        4. On the “Select Which Notifications . . .” window, uncheck the “Always show . . . ” box in the lower-left corner
        5. For each icon, select the choice you want in the dropdown menu.
        1. I (jb) used “Show i… and N …” for each one except GWX
        2. For GWX, I used “Hide I .. and N…”
        3. Close the window. You’re done.

        For more info about the icon and related items search for [gwx], easily remembered as meaning “Get Windows 10”.

        Should we dutifully igore it for the time being. Is it something we can download to disk, that we can install later?

  5. Here is good info on the release of MS Windows 10. A lot of questions and uncertainties are answered for me……so much for me that I have reserved my download copy….BUT I’LL NOT INSTALL IT FOR AT LEAST SIX (6) MONTHS or so until I feel most of the bugs are worked out.

    So go to the attachment and see for yourself…..or go to and find the article on getting Win10’s release info and copying it an .iso file

    Have fun, Ron

    • Hi Ron,

      Regarding Windows 10, Microsoft has a sit to download and ISO of the version you need for you machine, based on the version of 7 or 8 you are running currently. I saw prices at Fry’s yesterday for Windows 10. pro version is $199 ($200). You can make an *.iso copy and burn to DVD to save for later. I created one for Windows Pro of which Windows 7 is I have.


  6. Last night I right clicked on button and it displayed 4 options.

    They were to get it, reserve a copy, but I forgot the other 2.

    There is a way to make and ISO file for the software using the article that Stan mentioned. I need to look at it more. Lots of valuable information.

    My take on it would be to reserve a copy as long as it’s offered as this deal won’t last long. Don’t know on that, make DVD of the ISO and tuck it a way for further discussion before
    we do anything with it. The same would apply for our personal machines. On the Mac side, I haven’t had to pay for OS’s, accept for some earlier versions of about $20 to $30, rather than then several $100 dollars for Microsoft OS’s.

    See you tonight,


  7. “While you can block Windows 10 upgrade notifications manually by removing system updates and blocking them from being installed again, for instance by running WUSA /UNINSTALL /KB:3035583 on the command prompt, you may also use I don’t want Windows 10 for that.

    The simple tool removes the update from supported operating systems so that the notifications are not displayed anymore on systems it is executed on.

    The program removes the patch KB3035583 from operating systems running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Since you can do the same manually, there is little need for that tool unless you prefer to use a click-once tool for the operation.”

  8. Having digested my cautious download and installation approach and reviewed comments other SPAUG members, I realize my approach is flawed by caution. Besides, I am a computer club member having access to a wealth of experiences and knowledge.

    I’m changing my decision not to wait to upgrade WIN7 but to install WIN10 soon after release….

    – download my reserved WIN10 copy about a week after its release;
    – burn it to a DVD as a self booting installation, .iso copy;
    – make an image of my WIN7 laptop for re-installation of WIN7 if necessary;
    – and INSTALL WIN10 RIGHT AWAY (not wait for 6 mo for the rest of the world’s comments.)
    Happy computing,
    Ron Nicholas

    See articles:

    • Ron & SPAUGers,

      This is precisely what I am going to do, except I’m going to protect my W8.1 installations with a good (tested!) backup images. I have two machines to deal with — a laptop and a desktop.



  9. Regarding Windows 10, I have an article that I will put up on this website about my experience running Windows 10 on my old computer, not the clubs computer. So far it has been a good experience, but may differ for others on their system configuration.

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