PrezNotes Oct 2011

SPAUG is the follow-on to the Homebrew computer club, which seemed to implode about 28 years ago. That Homebrew crowd was on the bleeding edge of the technology that was available at the time. At that time, upon the void created by the cessation of the Homebrew computer club, through a miracle of events, personnel, and circumstance, a new club formed which had the inglorious name because of circumstance, the Stanford Palo Alto User Group (for PC) (SPAUG).

The War for Your Computer

There is a war for and over your computer. You don’t own it — you’re merely renting it to those who have a self-proclaimed mission of using it for themselves without your permission. The attacks on you for the use of your computer are well documented. The cure is creating an environment hostile to the hackers and crackers making the attack.